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Why are Russian brides better than women from Philippines?

With starting of the Internet men form all the world received possibility to meet and communicate with women from all countries. And on the area appeared Russian brides, women from countries of CIS, females from Africa, Asian girls (for example, from Philippines). Men from America and Europa were faced with problem of the huge variety - woman from what continent to select - from Africa, from Europe, from Asia, etc.

In the Europe Russian brides are number One for their popularity. Why? There are many reasones of this popularity. First of all, most Russian brides are beautiful. And this beauty is very different. Walking the street in Russia, you will not see two girls, who are resembling each other. The variety of the Russian brides beauty can be explainable by peculiarities of Slavic gene pool. In this gene pool there are genes of Asian and European nationalities such as: Tatars, Poles, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Kazakhs, Mongols and others. Therefore all Russian brides are different - they can be tall, short, slim, plump. The features of Russian brides can be as Asian, as European. Their hair can be black, brown, red, blond. Their eyes can be black, brown, green, blue, grey. Their skin can be as pale, as swarthy.

If we will consider the beauty of girl from Philippines - what result we will see. All native Philippines women are resembling on each other. They are short. Some of them are slim, others are plums. All these women have identical Asian features, they have black hair and eyes, their skin is pale. If you want to see the variety of appearances, you will not see it among women from Philippines.

The other aspect of the Russian brides popularity is their health and they are capable of great endurance. Most Russian women are very healthy. And they can give birth to healthy children. Russian brides and other women of CIS live in such climatic conditions, where in the winter the temperature can be minus 25-30 Celsius and in the summer plus 35-40 Celsius. Russian women can well endure snow, hail, glaze, heat. Therefore for Russian brides it will not very difficult to live in any country of the world.

The climate in Philippines is not such various as in Russia. It is tropical. The temperature all the year is plus 24-28 Celsius. Most women from Philippines don't know what is snow. How will these females adapt to the climate of Canada, for example? Most women from Philippines has problems with their health, such as diseases of bones, teeth; cancer illnesses. All these diseases can be transmitted by genetic code.

Most Russian brides are well-educated and they are broad-minded people. Most Russian women have university-level education. They know and good apprehend cultures and traditions of other countries. Russian brides know many interesting things about other countries and they like to travel. Therefore if this woman will be in, for example, Canada, France, she will can adapt to culture of these countries and accept their traditions. Most Russian brides study foreign languages and can talk them fluently.

Most women on Philippines live in abject poverty. In the best case, girls go to school and only certain girls from Philippines can attend college or university. The level of culture and education is very low. Therefore if you will marry the girl from Philippines, it is possible you will not have common themes to talk. And how will this woman behave at the diner party? Most girls from Philippines talk only their native language.

In conclusion we can sum up - Russian brides have more attractive features and they have many chances to find future husband abroad, than women from Philippines.

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